Makers Gonna Make: Drink n Dye Recap

I feel like I just need to make something with my hands everyday.

What's amazing is that other people feel that way too! 

My mission with Makers Gonna Make was to get creatives together to learn a new craft and make some new friends. Community & creativity is sort of my favorite thing. 

If you missed out on the last Makers event, don't fret! There's another one this Sunday, May 22nd from 5-7pm & you can check all about it right here: 

The first Makers Gonna Make event: the art of Shibori Indigo Dye

The first Makers Gonna Make event: the art of Shibori Indigo Dye

I had so much fun teaching the basics of Shibori indigo dye! We had a full house and everyone made their own uniquely beautiful designs. There's no wrong way to shibori, and everyone had fun making up their own folding techniques as well as utilizing the few I showed them. 

My hands were blue and my heart was full. I can't wait for all the makers events to come and seeing this creative community grow. Here's some photos of the last event and I hope that you'll make it to the next one this Sunday. My good friend Sally will be teaching how to make a badass hand embroidered patch. You can embroider straight onto your clothing or take home a patch. Either way, rad patches will happen. 

click through below to see all the event photos!