Be Free Workshop: a quick recap

The last two Be Free Workshops have truly been amazing and encouraging.

Watching so many different women come together to learn, connect & celebrate each other just brings me so much joy! 

If you missed out, here is a recap of all the fun & what I learned:

click through the slideshow below to check it out!

A HUGE thank you to our sponsors for donating everything from coffee & mimosas to items for a killer swag bag!

At our second Be Free Workshop, we learned from the two amazing ladies of Deep South Social on business collaboration, marketing, pricing, and of course a peak behind the curtain - the transparency of what it takes to run (and scale) a business, plus so much more.

The founders of Deep South Social are Jessica Berinato (of Breathless Paper Co.) and Ashley Schoenith (of heirloomed + IceMilk Aprons).

These two incredible entrepreneurs shared straight from the heart and one of the biggest things I got from them was that even when you are just starting out... THINK BIG. 

Since the two of them both deal with wholesale this is especially important since at any time a buyer could come to you with a massive request and you need to be on the ready. However, the same concept can be applied even for a service based industry. 

In my job at Foster it is essential for me to think about and plan for how to keep the intimate community "feel" when we reach a much larger scale. Each decision I make is put through two filters: 

  • Is this adding to people's business?

  • Is this adding to community? 

The next step for me is how can I cause a ripple effect and spread the vision of deep community while we grow? This can only be done if my vision and "brand" purpose is absolutely clear. So my service is connecting the wonderful people I meet to each other and in showing my passion for the creative community to get out of isolation, then spark a passion in others as well. They then carry that on.

One of our members said yesterday that, at Foster, "good breeds good." 

That meant the world to me. She gets it. She gets the vision, believes in it & is encouraging others that they should join in on the good vibes! 

I hope that you'll join in for the next Be Free Workshop on June 25th. We are in the midst of planning the last details but you can go ahead and reserve your spot here: