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Hoppy Hour
Hoppy Hour
Hoppy Hour


This was a weekly event that happened at a local co-working space called Foster ATL. It was simple: show up, bring a beer (or three) and get to meet rad people while trying new brews. 


Makers Gonna Make
Makers Gonna Make
Makers Gonna Make Leather & Libations


Ever wanted to make something badass and get to know other creatives in your city? Yeah, me too. This was an event that happened monthly and featured a local artist who got teach a bit of their craft in a chill setting. 

Sola 5 Creative Logo
Sola 5 Creative Rough Sketch


This incredible video production company needed a fresh new face for their brand. I love what they are all about & couldn't wait to work on this!

They believe that art and business can be leveraged for good. Instead of using the traditional Non-Profit model they believe that they can make a greater impact by taking advantage of the free market to fund their cause. Their goal is to expose current humanitarian crises through photography and documentary-style story-telling projects. They fund these efforts through revenue produced from creating marketing and story-telling content to clients here in the U.S.